My Book Cover!

I know I hardly post on here since I've been on Blogspot, but I wanted to still share all my news here. I finally got the go ahead to show the book cover for my debut MG, GOSSIP FROM THE GIRLS ROOM, A Blogtastic Novel.

It seems so much more real as it all comes together now. I sent in the last of the inside images for the book about a week ago so now the book is off to production and out of my hands.

I've posted a picture of the cover on my website

Writing and Boutique and Gallery News...Oh my!

I'm so excited with everything going on right now. This Sunday marks the beginning of my art shows and festivals and such, since i'm pretty much booked out from Nov 1 through mid December.

I emailed my book revisions a little over a week ago and anxiously awaiting to hear back from my editor. I thought once I sent the revisions off I would be more relaxed. Nope! Just the opposite. I'm sititng here worrying now about whether she'll like the reivisons or if they're good enough and I'm totally second guessing myself. But I suppose these are all normal feelings since this is my debut book.

In other news...

My 20 pieces of artwork, for the 20-20 Show, at the 20th Street Gallery (get it?) will be opening Nov. 11 and running till December 24th. There are some amazing artists that will be showing. You can see some of the art that will be there on the website: And you might just happen to see my name there on the right side of the page. And if you just happen to click on my name it just might happen to bring you to my art samples too.

My art will also be at The Sun Gallery in Hayward and the show opens Dec. 1 and runs till Dec. 19th. I can't wait! They also have a VERY COOL annual children's illustrators exhibit that runs four months out of the year! I'll be talking with them more when I go down to drop off my art at the end of this month. art and products (such as cards, magnets, bookmarks, etc. all made from my art work) will be sold at the Itty Bitty Boutique in Downtown Campbell! I'll be going down there soon and will post pictures when it's all set up :)

As always, you can check out my latest art happenings at!

*Today's post was brought to you by the word Happen*

My Book Deal!

I'm finally able to announce my wonderful book news! I had to wait on a title change, but now it's official!

From Publishers Market Place:

Rose Cooper's graphic novel debut, BLOGTASTIC!: Gossip from the Girl's Room, in which a sixth grade girl "accidentally" overhears gossip while staking out the girls room, but then not-so-accidentally embellishes the facts on her blog, to Wendy Loggia at Delacorte, by Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio.
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Winner of Art Giveaway!

The 2nd Saturday Artwalk at Zelda's last night was great! Thank you to everyone who came out! I loved meeting new people and seeing all my wonderful, supportive friends too. You guys are the greatest!

My monkey (4yr old son, Alex) picked the winner for the Art Giveaway from the bucket, after I shuffled all the pieces it up. It went something like this...

Me: Pick just one.

Alex: Okay....

5 minutest later

Me: Um, you can pick one now.

Alex: I am! (still moving all the paper around with his hand)

5 more minutes later......

Me: Just pick one!

Alex: ok. Here! (with a big smile, proudly gives me one of the slips of paper, then claps). Tell me the name!

Me: The name is Kari

Alex. Oh, I'm not sure about that name. Lemme pick another one...

Me: Um, no!

So with that being said, the winner is Kari Ripplinger!

Yay! Congrats Kari!
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2nd Saturday Art Walk

I will be at the 2nd Saturday Art Walk this Saturday (Sept. 12th) from 6pm-10pm outside at Zelda's Pizza The address is 1415 21st Street in Sacramento. I'm going to be doing an art giveaway too, so if you're local, stop by my table and say Hi and enter the giveaway. Details on my art website

Author Interview

I just redesigned my website (yay!) but still trying to figure out how to make my wordpress blog so for now that is still not up and running.

I posted all the latest news on my webpage, and an author interview with YA Author of Prada & Prejudice, Many Hubbard!

So if you get a minute, check out the site or the interview--or hey, both!--at

The Good News Blog

Yes, I think I will start calling this my Good News Blog since everything lately has been good news related.

I am STILL waiting to post the TOTALLY EXCELLENT NEWS that I promised before. But, in the meantime...

I was just accepted to illustrate childrens books for an new iPhone app. How cool is that?

And yes, It's totally weird that I did not write the books, but will be illustrating instead. I never imagined I'd be stepping outside my little area of writing to do something else. I've really been into my art lately. In fact, so much so that that brings me to the next bit of good news...

My art will appear at the 2nd Saturday Artwalk in midtown.

I've been doing mixed media. Using charcoal pencil & ink for my drawings. With a touch of color with oil pastels. Then I decoupage that onto painted or textured canvas that I do ahead of time.

My style is mainly characters that have a Tim Burton feel to them. My new website will be up soon in which I'll be giving an art giveway (one of mine plus a guest artist!) and of course unique greeting cards too. Yay!

So, does anyone wanna see a sneak peek at some of this? If so, leave me a comment or email me (email (at) rose-cooper (dot) com) and I'll send you the link to the super secret page.

Dontcha just love secrets? Even if they happen to be the temporary kind...

Stephanie Meyer accused of ripping off....

Have you seen this story?

A woman named Jordan Scott fired off a cease and desist letter to the publisher of "Breaking Dawn" -- the fourth book in the series -- claiming the Twilight tale contains a "striking and substantial similarity" to Scott's book, "The Nocturne."

If you go to the site, you see the actual letter that was mailed, containing the details of the copyright infringement. It provides side by side comparison of the paragraphs from both books. I read this and didn't see how they can even compare the two. Stephanie Meyer's paragraphs are NOTHING like the ones they are being compared to "ripping off." I can't believe such an accusation was made. This other author, Jordan Scott, wants to be compensated for this. What do you think?

Are "Diary" books overused or still hot?

As you know, there are a ton of "Diary" books out there, ie. Princess Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy kid, Dork Diaries, Dear Dumb Diary...etc. Now, these books have all been very successful and some even appearing on the NYT Best Seller list. So, do you think there is room in the market for more "Diary" titled books? Or is this an overused title term we're ready for something new? If yes, would new books to the market be as eye catching and possibly successful if they (other books of this nature) were titled differently?

Would love to hear opinions on this subject!

News: The Good, The Bad, and The Great!

Good:Okay, so I lied. I don't have good news. I have GREAT news!

Bad:The bad news is that I can't say what the good/great news is yet.

Great:So, it's really super great fantastic news! I mean really, I'm all bruised just from pinching myself so much. Well, that and from trying to rollerskate.

I should be able to announce the Great News soon-so stay tuned!
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